Life Lessons From Nature You Need to Live By Natasha Koo Feminine Space

Feel Enoughness, Flow and Confidence with Natasha Koo:

In this eighth empowering chat with the bestselling author and psychotherapist, Cindy Stone, our host, Natasha Koo, share some powerful metaphors inspired by nature that relate to life and the key to happiness.

Cindy Stone explains how our fast-paced lifestyles can be balanced by a mindful walk in nature to recharge and regain our sense of selves. While Natasha reveals nature’s lesson of letting go and the natural creative cycles that our lives are also ruled under.

Get the free guided meditation recording by Cindy Stone which will help you to ground and feel reconnected back to yourself and the Earth.

The show notes showcase Cindy Stone’s guided meditation ‘Finding Grounding and Natural Peace.’

The show notes page, transcript, and free guided meditation are located here: