The Incidental Guru

 The Incidental Guru: Lessons in Healing from a Dog

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Cindy’s first non-fiction book, The Incidental Guru; Lessons in Healing from a Dog detailed the transformational journey in her relationship with her dog Harry, a seemingly unredeemable, aggressive street mutt.

Imagine the Dalai Lama, renowned psychiatrist Scott Peck and a temperamental mutt named Harry on a long walk where the topic of conversation is emotional healing?

Prepare for an illuminating journey. Respected psychotherapist, Cindy Stone, shares an inspiring and insightful tale about how she met her incidental guru, an abandoned and rebellious dog whose defensive manner helped unveil touchstone elements for profound self-awareness and developing intimate and satisfying relationships.

Whether relating to our partner, family, friends, co-workers, or pets, The Incidental Guru will touch our souls with wisdom and insight encouraging us all to relate to both animals and people with greater understanding and compassion.

In her first non-fiction book, The Incidental Guru which became a national best-seller, she coined The Four Elements of Healing: Courage, Trust, Respect, and Love, as a simple yet powerfully profound paradigm for positive change.

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