How to Fully Let Go & Set Yourself Free of the Past

Feel Enoughness, Balance and Confidence with Natasha Koo:

In this third empowering chat with the award-winning author and psychotherapist, Cindy Stone, our host, Natasha Koo, share just why letting go is so important for us to move on from past events and embrace forgiveness and self-acceptance. Not only does Natasha share her story of her father’s sudden death, this episode will also reveal to you what letting go really means and what it has to do with resistance and non-judgment. Find out how we can let go and feel free of your past, present an future by getting Cindy’s special qi gong meditation catered to this purpose!

The show notes showcase Cindy’s powerful meditation and qi gong exercise for letting go. The show notes page, transcript and free meditation are located here: