March 31, 2016

Executive Coaching


LEAP Consulting stands for Leadership Effectiveness And Performance.

Almost 20 years ago I was brought in to several companies to work with their senior executives at the top of their game to help them evolve into their roles as whole individuals, to perform at their peak, and to find deeper meaning and fulfillment in their lives. This began a new branch of my work and I have continued to hone and expand my skills, knowledge, understanding and abilities to enable me to work with leaders and high level professionals of all kinds; Government leaders, CEO’s, Presidents, Board Chairmans, VP’s, senior executives, Olympic Athletes, Musicians, and others at the top of their game. 

Perhaps most importantly I have helped people discover their meaning and purpose in a world that becomes ever more complex, insanely busy, often seemingly lacking the very soul that we crave for.

Partial client list:
Toronto Hydro, Ethoca, Dell Computers, Towers-Perrin, Bell Canada, Olympic Gold Medal Athletes (Canada and Germany) , Toronto Symphony musicians,  and well known actors, Cryptologic

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